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A Warm Welcome From

President Dr Andrew Crilly

I would like to extend a warm welcome to you in these challenging times.  As a former United Kingdom British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) Executive I am privileged to be the President of the New Institute, Hawaii.  


Our vision is: “To provide state-of-the-art leadership training for the benefit of our students from all over the world. So that in turn they become the leaders of tomorrow who will inspire the next generation to change the world and make it a better place”


Since opening our doors in March 2017 we have worked with our distinguished partners to educate and train over 1000 students. Together we have provided a broad range of leadership courses, seminars, public speaking workshops, university debates and events.


One event was the Korean Conservative Political Action Conference (KCPAC) as led by Ms. Annie Chan who is also the founder of our organization.


We are advancing our mission to educate young leaders in order to reignite conservative values of truth, fairness, freedom and democracy in their countries.



Dr Andrew Crilly


New Institute


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